Love - or something like it.

Love - or something like it.  
Agapi or eros. Unconditionally conditional.
It's sometimes only for a moment - or so it would seem - it's transitional.
It's not superstition, though.
Looking for love - and it's not that it's in all the wrong places -
It's just kind of backwards that you do it by looking at faces.
Dumpster diving for a five course meal.
Striving for zest and zeal.
Just to feel...
Love - or something like it.
If you've never really known it,
how can you be sure when you've found it?
Maybe it's because you finally stop doubting.
That it's taking too long.
Would you feel the same way listening to your favorite song?
Or would you put it on repeat?
Doubts set you up for defeat.
And I'm Fred Astaire - 
I ain't got two left feet.
It takes two to tango, 
but I prefer to juke -
without a partner -
that's no rebuke.
That's what they called it,
before they referred to it as twerk.
I know it's getting kind of convoluted,
I'm not trying to be a jerk.
I'm just trying to find the rhythm,
I'm putting in the work.
By Athina


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