about kerrie

Kerrie facilities workshops as well as speaks and writes on the subjects of spirituality, creativity, inspiration and finding your soul’s purpose. She is a mystic and spiritual channel, able to provide insight, inspiration, wisdom and guidance to those ready to become the highest and best version of themselves - the “you” you came here to be - something she is intimately acquainted with (and proof that it is never too late).

Her workshops are created for the seeker and are opportunities for growth, healing and expansion. Typically limited to only six participants, these intimate gatherings allow for a deep examination into self and one's opportunity for spiritual growth. All workshops offer a scholarship provided by our giving fund which is supported by the generosity of participants who desire to help another.  

As an author, Kerrie seeks to connect us all by sharing true stories about life - from the most inspirational to the most incredible; from the unthinkable, to the unbearable. Often demonstrating the kind of human resilience beyond limitation that gives us all the courage or conviction to keep going. Her anthologies and blog offer dozens of true life stories with the intention of bringing hope or healing or inspiration to the one who needs it most.

Kerrie is available for both private one-on-one channeled, intuitive sessions and speaking opportunities.